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Meter reading & spot Billing


Billing forms the core of the commercial operations for any power distribution utility. It is through the metering, billing and collection process that the utility realizes its revenue. Many deficiencies exist in these processes resulting in huge commercial losses, and creeping inefficiencies, which can be effectively reduced through IT initiatives and strategic partnership. A good billing solution is required for Handling Complex Billing, Revenue Protection, Establishing a System of Checks & Validations, Satisfying Consumers Demand

Spot billing is a revolutionary solution devised with an intention to enable the power distribution utilities to streamline and implement an effective metering & billing system, improve cash flows and to make the processes customer centric.

The spot billing process helps in integrating various activities being handled by several people at multiple locations into a single window operation.

The process of collecting billing data from LT / Domestic electro-mechanical meters using hand-held computers consist of the following steps.

  • The hand-held computer is pre loaded with a set of records / information based on which the meter data needs to be collected. This includes parameters like K Number, House Number, Meter number, Previous
    Reading etc.
  • The meter reader moves around collecting the required data.
  • At the end of the day, the meter reader downloads the data into a Computer, where the master data base gets updated.
  • Using the updated data base, the Computer can generate the Bills.