Schedule : The Andhra Electricity Regulatory Commission

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The Commission's Finance Accounts and Audit

Proceedings of the Commission.

Annual Financial Statement.

I (1) In December of each year the Commission shall submit to the

State Government a statement of its estimated expenditure for the ensuing financial year.

(2) The State Government shall as soon as possible after the receipt of the said statement cause it to be laid on the Table of the State Legislative Assembly.

(3) The Commission may at any time during the year in respect of which a statement under sub-paragraph (1) has been submitted, submit to the State Government a supplementary statement, and all the provisions of this section shall apply to such statement as they apply to the statement under the said sub-section.





III. Remuneration etc

III. (1) The Chairman and the Members of the Commission shall be paid from the funds of the Commission such remuneration and such traveling and other expenses and allowances, as the State Government may determine provided that the same shall at no time be inferior to pay and allowances paid to the Judges of Andhra Pradesh High Court.

(2) The State Government may cause to be paid as an expense of the Commission to or in respect of any person holding the office of Chairman or a Member of the Commission such pension, allowance or gratuity or such contributions or payments towards provision of such a pension, allowance or gratuity.

IV. Official Seal

IV. The Commission shall have an official seal for the authentication of documents required for the purposes of its functions.

V. Performance of Functions

V. Anything authorized or required by or under this Act or any other enactment to be done by the Commission may be .done by any member of the staff of the Commission who is authorized generally or specially in that behalf by the Commission.

By order of the Governor


Secretary to Government,
Legislative Affairs & Justice,
Law Department.