IPR in respect of Board Levels Officers of PSU under the Ministry of Power for the year ending December 2015

Sl No. Name Designation Organization
1. Shri M.K. Goel CMD PFC
2. Shri R. Nagarajan Director(F) PFC
3. Shri A.K Agarwal Director(Proj.) PFC
4. Shri D. Ravi Director(Comm.) PFC
5. Shri S.K. Sharma Chairman BBMB
6. Shri V.K. Kalra Member(Power) BBMB
7. Shri Rajeev Sharma CMD REC
8. Shri A.K. Agarwal Director(F) REC
9. Shri S.K. Gupta Director(Tech.) REC
10. Shri R.S.T. Sai CMD THDCIL
11. Shri D.V. Singh Director(Tech.) THDCIL
12. Shri Sridhar Patra Director(F) THDCIL
13. Shri S.K. Biswas Director(P) THDCIL
14. Shri I. S. Jha CMD PGCIL
15. Shri Ravi Prakash Singh Director(Pers.) PGCIL
16. Shri R.P. Sasmal Director(Opers.) PGCIL
17. Shri R.T. Agarwal Director(F) PGCIL
18. Shri P.C. Pankaj CMD NEEPCO
19. Shri Utpal Moral Director(Tech.) NEEPCO
20. Shri A. G. W. Kharkongor Director(Fin.) NEEPCO
21. Shri S. B. Borgohain Director(Pers.) NEEPCO

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